Friday, August 29, 2008

80 Miles Per Gallon, 400 horsepower Fox Body Mustang

If you think 80 miles per gallon and 400 horsepower don’t go together you better think again because Doug Pelmear, a 48-year-old electronics engineer and master mechanic from Napoleon, Ohio has done just that with his 1987 Ford Mustang.
Mr. Pelmear created his Mustang and more specifically the technologically advanced engine to compete in the $10 million Progressive Automotive X Prize: a “race” to find an affordable, marketable
automobile that gets at least 100 miles per gallon. The Progressive Automotive X Prize is sponsored by the X Prize Foundation.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

1:18 Scale Mustang Streetfighter!

What do you get when you take a 1993 Mustang Cobra R and combine it with modern Trans Am race car styling and performance? One heck of a g-Machine that’s what! This model was built by Chris Lee for a Diecast model car contest on sponsored by GMP Diecast. Everybody was offered a 1993 Steeda Mustang Cobra model at a substantial discount from GMP to build for the contest. Chris entered the Pro-Touring/Road Racing class and was voted the winner in that class.
By the looks of the amount of fabrication, detail, and just how wild the concept is it’s no surprise that this car catches a lot of attention from anybody who’s seen it. Widebody flares, super wide racing wheels and slicks, splitters, diffusers, twin turbos, turbo system plumbing with heat wrap (wow!), custom interior, custom roll cage – AWESOME.

Even before building this killer corner carver, Chris had a plan and executed it skillfully. He even sketched up a concept rendering just like a real custom shop – from concept to build. Enjoy the pictures below. Click below to see additional pics on the Diecast Pub

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1:18 Scale GMP Diecast Mustangs!!!

If you collect Diecast models and love Fox Body Mustangs, then you gotta have some of these! GMP Diecast is one of the few premier Diecast companies on the planet that produces super accurate scale replicas with an obscene amount of detail. Some of the models even have roll up and down windows!
One line of models that they do produce is the Fox Body Mustang ranging from 1985 to 1993. It includes ’93 Cobras, ’93 Cobra R, GTs, LXs, Cop cars, and even Convertible versions. But what’s even cooler than a recreation of a stock 5.0 Mustang? You got it, a Hot Rod Mustang! These modified 1:18 scale Mustangs are modified with bigs ‘n’ little, Vortech superchargers, Nos, roll bars, rear seats deleted, 4” cowl hoods, competition seats, Cobra R wheels, Cobra brake kits, lowered suspensions, you name it! GMP is no stranger to great detail and cool working features – it’s a standard on all of their models. Brake lines, rubber radiator hoses, vacuum lines, working suspension, seats articulate, handbrake moves up and down, flocked carpeting, flocked cloth floor mats, cloth seat belts, photo etch buckles, hardware metal hood prop rod, and get a load of the retractable seatbelts?! The sickness never stops!
Now I will have to admit, I’m a little biased – I work there and had a large part in developing these models but being a ’79-’93 Mustang freak, I put a lot of work into these to make sure that even if I didn’t work here that if I saw these – I’d just have to have ‘em….ALL! As a matter of fact there was a time when I didn’t work here and I was buying these Fox Body models at retail. This was before GMP released the new tooling for the ’87-’93 models you see here. Since the new tooling the accuracy and details have doubled and there’s so many more versions we are capable of producing with the new tooling. Don’t forget, these cars are produced in limited quantities and once their gone they’ll never reproduce the same one again.
Anyways, for more info about these Diecast Mustangs, check out or click on this link which will take you directly to the ’85-’93 Mustang page

You can also contact GMP at 1-800-536-1637
The average retail is $105

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My 1985 5.0 LX Coupe and 1988 Mustang GT projects

Here are my 2 project cars - My '88 GT Hatchback which is a daily driver that I've had for a little over a year now and my 1985 5.0 LX Coupe which I've had for a little over 10 years now.

1988 Mustang GT - Like most 5.0 fanatics, I want to modify this car to the max! So much potential! BUT, it's my daily driver, I drive it 60 miles a day, I take my daughter to school in it and during my commute it's gotta be comfortable so I can't go too wild on this car. I do however want to make it stand out from the herd. The direction I want to take this car is towards 1 -handling, 2 - balanced power, and 3 - unique styling - accomplishing these 3 areas in that order and maybe a couple simultaneously. Although it's shown here with the new Billet Specialties Street Lites, I wanted to try 'em out for a couple days and to see what it would look like. Bullitts are back on. These wheels are destined for the 85 Notch below.

1985 Mustang LX 5.0 - This is my baby, she's survived 4 girlfriends and I met my wife with this car. This is also the first 5.0 Mustang I ever owned and I also went down the dragstrip for the first time in this car. Lot of history with this car, used to street race this car in Philly, and I've taken here from stock to a pretty heavily modified car that will probably never be done - a true hot rod. This direction I want to take for this car is street and strip - emphasis on STRIP. I will sacrifice comfort for speed and power with this car. It needs to remain streetable but straightline performance is the priority with this 5.0. She's been through a few changes and soon I hope to have her back together and back on the strip. Here in this pic you see it with the bullitt wheels, they are now on the 88 GT. The Street Lites will be going on this car with the Nitto DRs out back.

For now you can view most of my pics, modifications and specs on my FQuick garage linked here as well as some other fox bodies I've owned, sold or would just like to own. More to come soon.

AGENT 47 - '94 to '04 SN95 Brake Cooling Kit

For those of you who have installed an SN95 brake swap kit onto your Fox Bodies, this would be a great kit especially on 87-93 Mustang GTs where you could delete the fog lights and route the brake hoses to the openings. Although I haven't installed this on my car or seen it on a Fox Body with an SN95 swap it looks as though it will work great.
A47 BRAKE COOLING KIT The use of scoops and ducts to direct air to your brake rotors is a proven way to greatly improve breaking performance and is a must for all track or serious performance cars. Our kit includes: ducting, spindle mount, and hose clamps.
**works with the stock strut suspension as well as the Agent47 Double A Arm front Suspension.

The FOX BOX from Chicane Sport Tuning

The newest 1979-1993 Mustang Cold Air Induction kit to hit the market is unlike any other before it! While there are many aftermarket fox body Mustang Cold Air Intake kits available today, only the new “Fox-Box” from Chicane Sport Tuning delivers straight line, unrestricted airflow from your fenderwell to your engine, to ensure maximum performance levels. Its unique design equates to no loss in horsepower and maintained idle quality. This kit combines optimum performance with downright good looks and meter flexibility, to deliver one heck of a great cold air package. Click on the link below to check out a tech article on the new Fox Box. Retails for $325.

Welcome to the Fox Rods Blog!

I've built this to post pics, stories, show new products, and update info on my Fox Body projects! I wanted to get this going first since it's pretty simple and fast to create but once the FOXRODS.COM official site is built I will be taking a lot of what I post here and move it there. Then, the plan is to use this blog as a news and updates section for FOXRODS.COM. If you have something cool, new, or unique for a fox body ford project please email me and I can put it up on my blog so that other "fox freaks" like us will see it!

WARNING! - This blog and the new site will be primarily centered around '79-'93 Mustangs that are modified. I'm also a fan of the '79-'86 Capris and would like to post content on them being that my first 2 Fox Bodies were '81 Capris! This site isn't for the restoration and stock appearing crowd.