Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mass Air Flow Conversion Completed!

The MAF conversion is finally complete. The throttle response is much better and drivability also improved. I am very happy with the results, and the installation of the Fiveology Racing MAF kit went smooth without any issues. The kit comes complete with all you need minus the throttle body and EGR spacer. Since I was wanting to use my stock air box with the kit I needed to purchase a 3.5" silcone coupler and clamps or I could have just bought conical filter with a 3.5" inner diameter and clamp to mount onto the 73mm MAF meter housing.
I upgraded to HoseTechniques silicone couplers and stainless T-bolt clamps. Visually they look much better than what was provided in the kit. They are high quality pieces and if you want the best then spending a little more is worth it in the end.

To make the short ram tube from Fiveology Racing work with the stock air box we trimmed the length down by about two inches. Remember always to measure twice, cut once! We also decided to polish the tube up a little so that it has a finish close to that of the polished throttle body and EGR spacer.

Besides much improved throttle response I notice more power from the car as a result of bolting up the larger 70mm throttle body and EGR Spacer. Of course with more air flow more fuel is needed and the 24 lb. injectors are up for the task. The wiring was straight forward and that task was handled by John Scatterday of Scatts Automotive.

All in all the Fiveology Racing MAF kit is the best way to go if you're thinking about converting your speed density equipped '86-'88 5.0 Mustang to mass air flow. In addition, you can custom taylor your MAF kit from Fiveology Racing according to your needs.

Scatts Automotive
103 Park Avenue - Winder, GA 30680
Fiveology Racing
Accufab, Inc.
1326 East Francis Street - Ontario, CA 91761
1603 Border Avenue - Torrance, CA 90501

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Speed Density to Mass Air Conversion

I have been crazy busy working which has kept me from keepin' up on my blog and the cold weather has kept me from working on my car. Now that warm weather has set in and hit the 70s a couple times it's time to get some new projects going!
The throttle body on my 1988 GT has seen better days and since I'm going to eventually start modifying my GT I'm going to need to do a mass air conversion. The brown truck delivered an Accufab throttle body and EGR spacer last week, and the mass air kit a couple days ago. I'm also upgrading while doing the conversion so that I'm ready for just about any mods I'm going to want to throw at my Mustang. Here's a parts list:

Accufab Polished 70mm Throttle Body
Accufab Polished EGR Spacer
A9L Computer
Fiveology TPS Calibartion Kit
Fiveology Wiring Harness Kit
Polished Short Ram Air Intake
C&L 73mm Housing
OEM MAF Sensor
24# Injectors
Mass Air Meter Bracket and Hardware

I plan on having a complete write-up with photos on the install - so stay tuned!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My 2nd Tech Article for Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords in Print!

This is a long overdue article. There's still many questions all over the forums and internet on how to do this. There's also a lot of misinformation and editor Evan Smith wanted to do this article - so I jumped in. Instead of showing 5 different ways to do the 5 lug swap I focused on the "best" way to do it with SN95 Mustang parts. I also chose to go rear disc instead of just going drum because I think overall it's not much more money to do it and the improved braking is a much welcomed thing for any Fox Body Mustang. I plan on putting the complete tech article up when i complete my foxrods.com page. For now try to get by your local magazine rack and pick up a copy if you don't already have a subscription. Special thanks to my sponsors for all of your help and support.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mustang Projects

Man I have been soooo busy with work, my family, and my side business. I know I haven't been posting regularly but, it's winter and it's hard to get motivated to work on my Mustangs.
I have been SCRAPING for about 5 years trying to come up with the money to paint the 85 Notchback. I have everything done and ready to go in. I wasn't going to paint it and just get it running. But after I decided to go with the UPR complete K-Member kit and coil overs I couldn't just put all that nice hardware including a fresh new detailed engine in the original engine bay. I think I finally got the money together for the paint job and the smooth inner fenders. I really want to do it right. The engine bay is going to be so clean and vboid of most of the wires and front accessories that I really wanted to clean things up. Plus the single stage blue metallic repaint by the previous owner on all the top surfaces is starting to lift. The car only has 74,000 original on it and is one of the tightest 5.0s I've ever seen. So hopefully if all goes well she goes to paint in March/April. Still a lot of work to do including mocking up the manual brakes - yep manual. I have the SN95 front disc brake swap and am converting the rear to disc. I've spoken with a couple guys that run this combo with still better braking than the factory stock power brakes with disc/drum combo from the factory. It's all about saving weight with this car. It's being built to be fast on the strip first, and then a car that is very driveable on the street.

The '88 GT driver is still running good packing on 60 miles a day driving to work. Right now the steering pump is starting to get whiny, and the regulator in my brand new 3G 130 amp alternator is going bad already. The parts store ordered the wrong steering pump (for a 2001???) and it's been 3 weeks now and they had to order another one! I'm still waiting for the alternator replacement. How does anybody make any money with this kind of crappy service? Not my mechanic's fault he's trying to get the parts as fast as possible. Whatya do? I'm also gonna need tires soon so at that time I'll upgrade to the 17x9 Bullitts out back and moutn up 275/40-17s in favor of the 245s on the 17x8 out back. Can't wait.

I have a potential unlimited budget fox body Mustang build with a shop brewing. I'm very excited about this and even though I have to remain tight lipped about the project I can say that it will probably be one of the baddest fox body Mustangs built to date. Unique exterior styling never seen before with redesigned front and rear bumper covers. New front and rear spoilers, minitubs, 18s, and more. Can't wait!

Once I replace the 3G alternator, I will be posting a diagram and installation instructions on how to install a 3G Alternator in your fox the EASY way.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Drifting 5.0 Mustangs

I knew that eventually we'd see a couple of these. These cars come with a ton of low end torque right out of the box, they're fairly lightweight, and cheap to buy. Although stock they're aren't the ultimate candidate, like most 5.0s they can be modifed to work very well for whatever your intended purpose is!

Here's the original Drift Patrol Mustang driven by Daniel Pina. "The concept of the "Drift Patrol" came to Daniel Pina in 2002. Being a full time student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, required the car be inexpensive. We finally located a 1987 Mustang suitable for the project in March of 2004. In November of 2004, Dan debut the "Drift Patrol"during a Pro Drift Demo at the Subaru Rim of the World Pro Rally held in Lancaster, CA. The car gained huge popularity, even granting Dan a TV interview with Primero Impacto, international latin television station." To see more on Drift Patrol click on the link...

I came upon this blog not too long ago and it's a real grassroots take on a guy and his Mustang GT - on a mission to make his 5.0 Drift and how he's doing it. There's some good feeback, reference and some viseo on his efforts.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

3G Alternator Upgrade Completed

Well it's been awhile since I posted. I've been real busy with SEMA projects and then took a vacation away from home with the family for Thanksgiving. I'm back now and have some updates on the '88 GT Daily Driver. Last night we yanked out the tired original 75 amp alternator and swapped in the 3G 130 amp alternator from PA-Performance. I found once again that there is just too much information and too many people on the Internet making yet another conversion on a fox body more difficult and time consuming than needed. I looked all over the net and compared notes between many different sources to try and find the best way to do this conversion. Even the directions that came with the 3G upgrade wire kit were far more complicated than needed. As a matter of fact a simple diagram would've worked wonders and saved a whole lot of reading and head scratching. For now we had to use some 4 gauge wire for the ground and main power wires to the alternator since we were finishing this up late and nobody in town had 4 gauge wire I could buy by the foot. I usually have everything ready prior to the swap but hadn't this time. Didn't think it'd be difficult to get the wire. So I will post updated photos with clean wiring, clean directions and even a diagram drawing on how to do this with your 86-93 Mustang. Once I get to doing it on my '85 Coupe I will update wiring instructions if needed.

Hopefully next week I will have install pics of the KYB AGX adjustable struts and shocks going in and some feedback on performance.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The ULTIMATE Fox Rod???!!!!

This is Mike Murillo's new Outlaw 10.5 Mustang Twin Turbo Terror! Here's some recent press Mike and his Drag Coupe have grabbed from RPM Magazine. The first link below has additional photos and video taken by Ryan Burleson. The second link is another article of the Notch in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords. For more info on Star Car 2 or you'd like to contact Murillo Motorsports click the last link below.