Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Speed Density to Mass Air Conversion

I have been crazy busy working which has kept me from keepin' up on my blog and the cold weather has kept me from working on my car. Now that warm weather has set in and hit the 70s a couple times it's time to get some new projects going!
The throttle body on my 1988 GT has seen better days and since I'm going to eventually start modifying my GT I'm going to need to do a mass air conversion. The brown truck delivered an Accufab throttle body and EGR spacer last week, and the mass air kit a couple days ago. I'm also upgrading while doing the conversion so that I'm ready for just about any mods I'm going to want to throw at my Mustang. Here's a parts list:

Accufab Polished 70mm Throttle Body
Accufab Polished EGR Spacer
A9L Computer
Fiveology TPS Calibartion Kit
Fiveology Wiring Harness Kit
Polished Short Ram Air Intake
C&L 73mm Housing
OEM MAF Sensor
24# Injectors
Mass Air Meter Bracket and Hardware

I plan on having a complete write-up with photos on the install - so stay tuned!